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Lover's Dance
Let's dance my beautiful queen
We'll dance under a broken ceiling
With the light globe swiging in the wind
And cobwebs falling down endlessly
Oh my darling we'll dance forever
In eachothers arms, so close and in love
I can feel your breath so close
It makes me smile as we breath as one
We'll dance in a serenade to the stars
Hidden by white paint and dust
We'll dance in a symphony for our love
Glowing through our eyes and souls
We dance to no music but the love in our hearts
We dance with no style but the kisses of love
We sing no lyrics but the language of love
We whisper "I love you" and sigh
Under a roof thats cracking and old
Let us dance, my love
Under a sky thats silver, stars gold
Let us dance, my love
:iconcadvan:Cadvan 2 4
Drunken Love
My daughter smiled at me yesterday,
While I cried,
Drunk at the table.
She smield to gently
Through her fear,
And I held her close,
And whispered in her ear
A poem my mother would tell me
When everything seemed like hell.
"The sky cries in its rain,
And smiles in it's light,
But it is nothing compared to your eyes
And that smile you give me,
Because it makes me feel joy,
From your gentle heart,
And I realise how much my heart,
Is filled with love for you."
She smiled at me, and laughed,
And I laughed back,
My hands held her small body close
It is so delicate
And here is where my heart lies.
The moon rises behind the clouds outside
And the wind taps at the windows
And I sit at my table, drunk,
Smiling with my daughter.
:iconcadvan:Cadvan 2 5
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter
Her dress fluttered in the wind as she ran, her small legs gliding easily across the rocks embedded in the ground.
"Hurry, Maria!" called a voice in the distance.  "It's going to rain!"
Maria ran faster across the grassy hills of the country, nimbly avoided the rocks that littered it's face.  The grass was moving with the wind, their dance in unison.  Maria reached the top, and saw her mother standing at the bottom of the hill.
"Coming!" she cried, and started to slowly make her way down the hill.  The sky was dark, vast black and grey clouds waiting, their wombs full of rain.  
A sudden flash of lightning made Maria stop, and she looked at the sky, which was now flashing quickly with lightning.  The thunder rumbled through the air, and Maria started to run again, her breath shuddering with fear and cold as she ran down the hill.
Rain started to fall, instantly strong, the wind pushing it in all directions.
:iconcadvan:Cadvan 2 2
The sun was setting.  A small forest of pine followed the river down towards the sea.  Alone by the rivers edge was a weeping willow, it's catkins hanging down into the water and onto the earth.  The red sun sent beams of light shining through the leaves, creating a spell of illusion inside, under the branches, under the leaves.  It's strong branches reached up, twisting and turning over the water.  
Sitting on the branches were two sisters.  One was dipping her feet in the water, her long skirt lapping gently on the water.  The other was higher up, not trusting the water so much.  Both with black hair, brown eyes.
"What's your favourite memory?"  January was sitting by the water.  She was around fourteen, but looked much older.
"I don't know!" exclaimed Kate, sitting higher up, her young face smiling.  She had recently turned six, and was trying to make a job of looking
:iconcadvan:Cadvan 3 5


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Joshua Croggon
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Favourite genre of music: all but most hip hop n heavy heavt metal
Favourite photographer: Cartier Bresson
Operating System: iMac
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Favourite cartoon character: White Ninja
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And can't resist saying this, but Cadvan- so cool. I'm hoping there'll be lots of mushy love between him and Maerad, heheh... Maybe you might mention that in passing to Ma?...OK, I admit it. I'm shameless.
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